aliquo jewellerySimple, delicate and original jewellery for the quietly confident 

Finding the perfect piece of jewellery is all about balance. Something simple and understated but with enough personality to be different and reflect who you are. (And get you compliments too...they're always nice!)

I like to create timeless, pretty pieces of jewellery for women who are conscious of trends but know what they like and aren’t too concerned with the latest fashion fads. I draw a lot of inspiration from the style in my native Paris and it’s the combination of French and Irish influences that gives Aliquo jewellery its unique personality - delicate, feminine, and playful at the same time.

I believe what you buy should mean something to you and give you that little happy feeling you just can’t get from throwaway fashion. It’s about wearing something you love, something a little bit different. I like to come up with lots of new themes and collections each season to keep things fresh and exciting!

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aliquo designerThe Story

Hello! I'm Alice, the designer & owner behind Aliquo. It all started with a career break travelling around Argentinian Patagonia… four months, lots of penguins and some giant icebergs later I was back in my cubicle longing for freedom, spending way too much time looking out the window at the seagulls (imagining they were wandering albatrosses) and definitely not enough time doing some real work. That was it. I just had to get out.

After seeing so many beautiful and inspiring places and people, I wanted to surround myself with colourful things and embrace my creative side. Jewellery Design was the obvious choice… So I packed in the day job and Aliquo was born! That was 2007. Aliquo has now grown into a proper jewellery brand, featured in magazines & newspapers and available in lovely boutiques all around the world. Nice, isn’t it?!

Apart from designing jewellery, I love music, good wine, drinking buckets of tea, playing with cats and learning foreign languages (an odd hobby, I will admit!). I would move to a different city every year if I had the chance and I couldn't live without travelling. The further away from everything the better! I dream of seeing the Northern Lights with my own eyes some day.


aliquo jewellery studio dublin irelandThe Studio 

All Aliquo jewellery is handmade in Ireland in my Dublin studio and then plated in France in a specialist artisan workshop for the perfect finish. 

So when you pick up a piece of aliquo jewellery, you are not just getting something pretty to wear, you are also helping to support an independent designer/maker, local artisans and the idea that things should be made with love by someone who cares.


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