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Looking for a bit of style inspiration? Here's a gallery of some of our favourite style bloggers wearing aliquo jewellery, each in their own unique way.

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From Someone in Love

The lovely Cat of From Someone In Love, wearing the leaf stud earrings on her holiday in Madeira.

Cat is a blogger from Lisbon and her photography is always so colourful and full of whimsy. And I love her sense of style so much! She's an expert at mixing quirky with elegant. A true aliquo muse!

From Someone in love wearing aliquo leaf earrings

Aliquo leaf earrings photographed by Cat of From Someone In Love blog

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A Clothes Horse

Rebecca from A Clothes Horse wore the little cabochon rings which matched her embroidered summer dress to perfection!

Rebecca is an American blogger currently living in Northern Ireland, focussed on vintage-inspired style. Her photography is always stunning and really poetic and romantic with beautiful scenery - forests, wilderness, flowers... Her Instagram account is a feast for the eyes! 

Rebecca style blogger A Clothes Horse wearing aliquo rings

A Clothes Horse style blog featuring aliquo rings

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In My Sunday Best

Sade from In My Sunday Best paired her pastel cabochons ring with a colourful floral dress and a fun and feminine white summer dress, showing that those little rings really do go with everything! I love Sade's understated and elegant style, it's always got a touch of that lovely vintage charm.

in my sunday best wearing aliquo ring

sade wearing aliquo ring with summer dress

sade wearing aliquo on in m sunday best

aliquo rings worn by sade from in my sunday best blog

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