Winter is coming...

Winter is coming...

 ...but it will be a colourful one! While the summer sale is happening, I've been hard at work behind the scenes preparing the new autumn/winter jewellery collection. And I'm pretty happy with it! I hope you'll like too :o)

Last Saturday was the big day for the new collection photoshoot. We got the pieces back from the platers on Thursday and after working non-stop and enamelling the pieces until the wee hours of the morning the night before, everything was ready just about in time! This season I decided to change the way I normally organise photoshoots and work with a new team, to keep things interesting and challenge myself a little. The photoshoot was done outdoors, at different locations around Portobello (my favourite Dublin neighbourhood) and with a new photographer Kirstyn Byrne.

Shooting out in the city meant that there was more to plan (styling, locations, where to prep make-up & hair etc...) but everything went really smoothly and the rain held off for the day (hurray!!). So it was a fun and colourful day with a brilliant team and I am really excited to see the results!

Kirstyn likes to shoot on film instead of digital and although that made me a little nervous of course, I love that I had to wait for the film to be developed to see the results! It reminds me of not so long ago when you had to wait to get your travel pictures and then going through them was like reliving the holiday all over again.

Here's a peek at the contact sheets...if you're as curious as me you'll try and zoom in but you won't see any jewellery. Just a bit more patience, the whole collection will be out in September! And if you don't want to miss the launch, make sure to sign up to the newsletter and you'll be the first to know. (You'll also get 10% off your next order)

contact sheets aliquo jewellery shoot autumn 2016

 contact sheets aliquo jewellery collection

behind the scenes aliquo jewellery photoshoot