Happy New Year!

winter white trees on blue sky

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it brings you all lots of great adventures and plenty of happy moments! (and pretty jewellery)

Looking back, 2015 was a bit of a difficult year for aliquo. The 'backstage' stuff was a serious struggle and at times it felt that no matter how organised I was everything that could go wrong went wrong! Suppliers discontinuing elements we needed for our most popular collection, other suppliers not receiving essential items we'd ordered well in advance, packages to and from platers repeatedly delayed or missing, platers losing our lovingly crafted pieces, you name it! I seriously felt like giving up! Thankfully the 'front stage' stuff (i.e. all you lovely people and our wonderful stockists!) kept me going and made it all worthwhile. 

All this to say that there now needs to be a lot of thinking and reorganising of how things work behind the scenes, mainly so I get to keep my sanity BUT I'm always up for a challenge and although designing jewellery is obviously my favourite part of the job, I have to nerdily (is that a word?) admit that I also quite enjoy the planning and strategy stuff too!

This quote illustration by Keri Smith sums up how I feel about this new year. Change is good! There is so much exciting stuff in store for Aliquo! We are buzzing with ideas for new collections, a fun photoshoot, studio redecorating, new stockists etc... So lots of scary changes in the pipeline but all good things!

quote illustration by Keri Smith Today I am excited about everything


And by the way, if you'd like to know more about Keri Smith, check out her website. She is not only a talented illustrator but also a very interesting lady and thinker. I particularly enjoyed reading her blog post about the cult of celebrity and found myself agreeing with everything she said! Enjoy :o)