Geometric jewellery

hexagon earrings

The new Sides collection is ready! 

I don't usually give in to trends but I'd wanted to do a geometric jewellery collection for a long while. The trick was to try and use hexagon shapes in a way that I haven't seen everywhere before. I hope I've succeeded... In any case, I love this collection! It's a little bit more modern and sophisticated but still with the aliquo touches like the little Swarovski sparkles.

hexagons necklace

 geometric gold bracelet

There are five colours to choose from. Opal green, opal white and pacific opal if you prefer muted pastels or sapphire blue and ruby red if you like a little bit of bling (albeit in extreme moderation, those little strass crystals are tiny!)

Everything is made of brass and gold plated to a high standard i.e. it won't wear off after a few days, we're talking quality here :o)