Colour research part 1 - Murals

Over the past few seasons, I have been using more and more enamel in my jewellery designs. I used to get very frustrated when selecting beads, I could never find the full range of colours and sizes that I wanted. Using epoxy enamel means I can create my own colours and I blend primary colours in my studio to create each individual shade. The difficult part is deciding which ones to keep each season, because there's an infinite number of possibilities! 

It's time to design the Autumn Winter collection already, so our stockists can start ordering at the end of June and have some new stock for everyone in September. I had previously worked mostly with individual colours or gradients and this season, I'd like to do more colour combinations. To try and get a fresh start and some new ideas I started looking through my old travel photos to do some colour research and picked out a few to show you. And I when I say a few, I mean way too many! So I'll split this post into several themed posts and you'll get a regular burst of colour on the blog :o)

Today are three bright murals. The first and last ones are from Montreal (last summer) and the middle one is a beautiful mural that I saw in Tokyo back in 2010 (I can't believe it was that long ago already...) in the Asakusa area.

cheshire cat mural colour in Montreal


lovely colourful mural in Tokyo


pink blue and purple waves mural in Montreal