A useful guide to ring sizes

Do you ever have trouble finding a ring that fits your fingers? Finding the right size ring can be a bit tricky...but the good news is, all aliquo rings are adjustable!

So you don't have to worry about your fingers swelling up in the summer, or a ring wide enough for your knuckles that's then too loose on your finger (the pain of my life!!).

And it also means you can wear our rings on different fingers whenever you like! AND it takes the pain out of buying a ring as a gift.

Some of our rings are designed in two adjustable sizes (to make sure they look their best no matter what your size) so I've put together a little ring size chart (with international sizing guide) that you might find useful.

For example, our antiqued brass leaf rings come in Small and Regular. Both small and regular are adjustable so will fit different fingers and sizes but if you have particularly small hands then the small will look better i.e. the Swarovski cabochon will align with the brass leaf in the right way (we think about the details a lot here!). The Small size is also great if you want to wear it as a knuckle ring. Small looks best on UK sizes I to L and Regular works best for UK sizes K to O.

The international ring size chart below will show you what American, UK/Ireland and French sizes the finger circumference (measured in mm) translates into.

useful ring size chart with international guide


adjustable ring