Styling prints with jewellery

I have a thing for prints, I just love patterns and colours! Most of the blouses and dresses I own have some kind of print on them, and sometimes it can be difficult to find jewellery to wear with them. So I thought I would put together a little selection of aliquo pieces that do work, in case you love wearing prints too!

The long Phosphenes necklace goes really well with busy patterns like this liberty print dress below. It's such a simple and delicate piece of jewellery that it doesn't look too much and actually helps break the busy print.

liberty print  fifties style dress with liberty print



If you are wearing a printed skirt with a few colours in it, it's really easy to just pick out simple pieces of jewellery with just one or two colours that match the print. 

simple jewellery to match with a printed skirt

vintage inspired handmade bracelet                drop necklace in pink coral

casual style wearing printed skirt with woolly sweater


Another nice example is this pretty little floral dress paired with some pieces from the Art Deco inspired Nihou collection. The shape of the necklace is simple and elegant and with the pops of mint and blue opal matching the colours in the dress, I think it works without overdoing it. (although I got a bit carried away with the mint tights! )

printed summer dress

                     mint and blue necklace

 pretty vintage style bag and art deco inspired jewellery